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Rostechnadzor Holds Meeting on Prevention of Accidents and Injuries at Oil and Gas Facilities


The videoconference meeting on the topic “Accidents and injuries in the first 5 months of 2021 at oil and gas facilities, issues of control and supervision activities and permanent supervision” chaired by Alexander Dyomin, State Secretary - Deputy Head of Rostechnadzor, was held on June 1, 2021, at Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service.

The meeting was attended by over 250 people, including representatives of the headquarters and 23 territorial departments of Rostechnadzor.

In his opening speech, Alexander Dyomin noted the ineffective activity of the production control services and emphasized the need for a thorough, detailed analysis of each accident and incident, and preventive study of the causes with the supervised operating organizations.

Yuri Nesterov, head of the Department for Supervision of Oil and Gas Facilities, reported in more detail about the main causes of accidents at oil and gas facilities and the necessary measures to prevent them. He recalled that while the accident rate in the oil and gas complex had almost halved over the past decade, it remains unchanged at the hazardous facilities of hazard class I and amounts to 18 to 22 accidents per year.

The heads of the territorial bodies of Rostechnadzor – Igor Niskovskikh (North Ural Department), Igor Kokunov (Volga-Oka Department), Sergei Galynin (Pechora Department), Irina Panfilova (Middle Volga Department), Marat Dzhanibekov (deputy head of the Caucasian Department) - made reports on the measures taken to reduce the level of accidents and injuries, increase the efficiency of supervision over the facilities of hazard class I, and other aspects of control and supervisory activities.

The meeting participants considered key topics and areas for further preventive work, touched upon the need to deepen, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of the methodological recommendations developed for supervision of the hazard class I facilities in the oil and gas complex. They discussed the need to adjust and then review the experience in applying the recommendations, as well as the issue of increasing the frequency of inspections with optimized workload on the inspectors.

The topic of verification measures to control the elimination of the previously issued orders was also raised, taking into account the unscheduled inspections conducted earlier in 2020 against the legal entities operating hazardous production facilities located in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

A list of necessary measures to reduce the level of accidents and injuries at the oil and gas facilities was identified as an outcome of the meeting.

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