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Bilateral meeting between Rostechnadzor and French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) took place


On 26 May, 2021 a bilateral meeting between Rostechnadzor and ASN was hold virtually to exchange information on regulation of nuclear and radiation safety in Russia and France and to approve a joint cooperation program for 2021-2022.

During the meeting parties exchanged information on the most significant events in Rostechnadzor and ASN activities, as well as in the nuclear industry in Russia and France.

One of the main issues of the agenda was waste management in Russia and France. The Russian side provided information on the status of the construction of an underground research laboratory within the framework of the project on creation of a radioactive waste disposal facility in the Nizhne-Kansk massif (Krasnoyarsk Territory). ASN representatives made a presentation on developments in the field of waste management in France, and also shared their experience in decommissioning of graphite reactors.

Among the priority areas of future cooperation, the following were noted:

- safety regulation of Generation IV reactors;

- safety regulation of low-power reactors;

- safety regulation of radioactive waste management (including safety issues for deep disposal);

- safety regulation of nuclear power plants and research nuclear installations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cooperation is carried out within the framework of the Arrangement between the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Authority of the Russian Federation and the Nuclear Installation Safety Directorate of the French Republic for the exchange of information and co-operation in the area of regulation of safe nuclear energy use for peaceful purposes signed in 2000.

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