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First meeting of Rostechnadzor Public Council in 2021


The meeting of the Public Council under Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rostechnadzor) was held by videoconference on February 3, 2021.

IMG20210203113147-11.jpgThe agenda included five issues. Pavel Cheprakov, head of the Organizational and Analytical Department of Rostechnadzor, made reports on two of them. He presented a report on the implementation of the public declaration of the goals and objectives of Rostechnadzor for 2020 and a draft document for 2021.

During the discussion, a question was raised about potential changes to the regulatory framework following the high-profile accident in Norilsk. Alexey Aleshin, Rostechnadzor chairman, answered the question: “After the accident in Norilsk, Rostechnadzor has the order from the President for an unscheduled inspection of all facilities located in the Arctic zone. The activities will be completed later this month. As soon as we have the results, proposals will be submitted to the Government on what should to be done to prevent such accidents and to improve the level of industrial safety in general. Among the proposals there are many that deserve attention, also by amending the current legislation that determines the procedure for the operation of facilities in the Arctic zone."

Mr. Aleshin also added that the Service is working in compliance with the instructions of the Security Council. “Thus, with regard to learning lessons from the accident in Norilsk, the changes will be large-scale, both at the legislative and technical levels,” Aleshin stressed.

Yegor Yemelianenko, deputy head of the Organizational and Analytical Department, reported on the results of the fulfillment of the Rostechnadzor departmental plan for the implementation of the Openness Concept of federal executive bodies in 2020 and on the draft plan for 2021. He said that all the activities envisaged in the plan for 2020 were completed. The draft departmental plan for 2021 contains the main activities that determine the procedure for the activities of Rostechnadzor and disclose information about the Service in order to implement the Openness Concept.

Felix Deduchenko, chief researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences, made a report on the development of techniques and technologies for studying and preventing man-made disasters. He noted the acute demand for solutions to the problems of forecasting, preventing and countering accidents at hazardous production facilities.

P1100118-11.jpgIn his opinion, their occurrence is associated, as a rule, with a combination of natural, technology-related and anthropogenic factors. At the same time, there are still no significant applied standard methods and technical means of early detection, monitoring and counteraction to the development of hazardous emergency and catastrophic processes at hazardous production facilities.

After listening to the report, the members of the Public Council decided to prepare proposals on the development of a risk-oriented approach in accordance with the federal law on industrial safety to solve the problems of countering the development of man-made accidents and disasters at facilities of hazard classes I and II supervised by Rostechnadzor, as well as at defense industry facilities. In addition, it was decided to come up with a proposal to the Scientific and Technical Council of Rostechnadzor to form a group of enterprises ready to cooperate in conducting pilot developments and using systems for early detection of and protection against industrial accidents and disasters at oil and gas facilities.

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