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Rostechnadzor started testing employee’s digital workplace prototype


The West Ural Department of Rostechnadzor has started the testing of a prototype of an employee’s digital workplace as a component of the Automated Information System, a digital platform created by Rostechnadzor to ensure integrated remote interaction with the supervised organizations, recipients of public services, and government agencies.

Assessing the preliminary test results, Rostechnadzor Chairman Alexey Aleshin noted: “For us, digitalization is not the future, but the present. We have been actively involved in the development of remote monitoring systems over the past few years. The stage of ‘combat’ testing is a natural result of this work."

Rostechnadzor’s AIS prototype implements subsystems for accounting for and issuing licenses and permits, maintaining declarations and conclusions of industrial safety reviews, accounting for accidents and injuries at hazardous production facilities, and other functions.

Pavel Knyazev, head of the interregional division for supervision of explosive, fire hazardous and chemically hazardous facilities of the West Ural Department of Rostechnadzor, who is directly involved in the testing process, says: "Working with the prototype in practice proves that the digital platform is a convenient and modern tool both for the inspection and administrative staff of the Service and for the supervised organizations as well."

“One of the critical conditions for the successful performance of the control and supervisory functions assigned to our Service is the proper level of technology infrastructure. The workplaces of the Rostechnadzor staff should be provided with modern hardware and software. Therefore, we pay special attention to the digitalization of the activities of the Service's employees,” emphasizes Anatoly Geller, digital deputy chairman of Rostechnadzor.

The digital platform is being developed in accordance with the federal project "Digital Public Administration" of the national program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation." The design of the platform and the implementation of its prototype have been completed. The state contract for the creation and development of the system is to be concluded in the 4th quarter of 2020.

After the current test process is completed, it will be further extended to Rostechnadzor’s other territorial and central office departments.

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