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Rosteсhnadzor Reports a Record Decrease in Accident and Fatality Rates


Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rostechnadzor) held a meeting of the Board to sum up the outcomes of the first half of 2020. Alexey Aleshin, Rostechnadzor Chairman, presided at the meeting. Despite major changes in the operating regime dictated by the need to implement measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, significant progress has been made towards reducing the accident and injury rates at hazardous production facilities.

In accordance with the ordinances of the Government of the Russian Federation Nos 438 and 440 of 03.04.2020, no scheduled inspections were carried out in the second quarter of 2020. Of 9 689 inspections scheduled in the first half of the year, only 4 128 took place, while the rest were canceled. The decrease in the number of control and supervisory measures was proportionally reflected in the number of recorded violations. In addition, taking into account the difficulties for the business community, Rostechnadzor expanded the practice of replacing administrative fines with warnings. The number of warnings was almost the same as it was last year, which, given the decrease in the number of inspections, means a twofold increase.

At the same time, the enterprises shut down only 1 percent of hazardous production facilities during the period of lockdown. In this situation, at the direction of Alexey Aleshin, the most severe administrative measure available to Rostechnadzor, that is the suspension of operation, was actively applied in order to prevent potential threats caused by the decrease in the number of control measures while actually maintaining the normal operation of the supervised facilities in cases of detection of serious violations. Special emphasis was simultaneously placed on preventive work that did not require actual visits to the enterprises. As a result, the number of administrative suspensions, despite a twofold reduction in the number of inspections, increased by 10%, and the number of warnings sent was increased by 42%.

This approach made it possible to largely level additional risks of accidents and provide conditions for a record reduction in the accidents and injury rates. The total number of accidents and fatalities in the first half of 2020 dropped by 41% and 26%, respectively, compared to the same period of the previous year.

The largest decrease in the number of accidents was observed at the supervised facilities of the military-industrial complex (-67%), the petrochemical and oil refining industry (-55%), for lifting devices (-52%), and at the facilities of main pipeline transport (-40%). The number of fatal accidents in the petrochemical and oil refining industries decreased by almost 88%, and in the chemical industry by 67%.

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