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Alexey Aleshin Holds Videoconference Meeting with Heads of Rostechnadzor Territorial Departments


On April 14, 2020, Alexey Aleshin, Chairman of Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service held a video conference with the heads of the territorial departments of Rostechnadzor. At the same time, 75 workplaces in the headquarters and in the regions were connected to video communication tools. The meeting, which was comparable to the Board of Rostechnadzor in terms of composition and number of participants, was unscheduled and dealt with operational issues of the agency in the context of measures to counter the spread of coronavirus infection.

The main part of the discussion was devoted to the legal aspects of Rostechnadzor’s activities during the period of restrictive measures: the implementation of the ordinance of the Government of the Russian Federation of 03.04.2020, No. 440 “Concerning Extension of Permits and Other Specifics Regarding Authorization Activities in 2020”; a unified approach to control and supervisory measures at the hazardous production health facilities of hazard classes I and II, taking into account the measures taken to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection; the implementation of the ordinance of the Government of the Russian Federation of 03.04.2020, No. 438 “Concerning the Specifics of the Implementation of State Control (Supervision) and Municipal Control in 2020, and Concerning Amending Paragraph 7 of the Rules for Preparation by State Control (Supervision) Bodies and Municipal Control Bodies of Annual Plans for Conducting Scheduled Inspections of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs.”

Dmitri Yakovlev, head of the Legal Department of Rostechnadzor, made a report clarifying the specifics of the implementation of Government ordinances. 
A Q&A session followed with most of the questions concerning the work in the context of permanent supervision.

The structural units of the agency that perform official functions with additional workloads for objective reason had to face the fact that the enterprises continuing their work, on the one hand, increased the number of requests for permits, and on the other, asked for a relaxed control regime. In this regard, Alexey Aleshin instructed to relieve the territorial departments as much as possible, temporarily freeing them from the work on internal reporting formats, and provide for other possible measures aimed at reducing the current workload. At the same time, Mr. Aleshin noted that special conditions do not give the right to the working enterprises to violate the industrial safety requirements. The imposition of a moratorium on the application of administrative enforcement in the form of fines is not provided for by law. At the same time, in order to alleviate the economic burden on the businesses, the chairman of Rostechnadzor ordered to use extremely wide measures that do not imply financial impact - warnings and notices. Temporary prohibition and administrative suspension of the activities will be applied in the usual manner since the practice of their use is associated with the suppression of gross violations that pose a direct threat to the life and health of people.

The agenda of the meeting also included discussion of the following issues: organization of the work of territorial departments as part of ongoing measures to prevent the spread in the period of restrictive measures; approaches to the formation of the composition of staff members involved in the activities in the remote access mode and directly at the workplace in connection with the resumption of the provision of public services; and allocation of funds and procurement to ensure epidemiological safety.

Vladimir Kozivkin and Andrei Sapelin, deputy chairs of Rostechnadzor, made their reports. Commenting on them, Alexey Aleshin instructed to pay special attention to the issues of strict observance of sanitary and epidemiological standards and the provision of personal protective means to the Rostechnadzor employees who perform their official functions in an unusual regime.

As part of the meeting, Alexander Dyomin, the newly appointed State Secretary - Deputy Chairman of the Service was introduced to the managers of the Rostechnadzor territorial departments.

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