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Rostechnadzor Took Part in 42nd CNRA Meeting of OECD/NEA


December 2-3, 2019. Paris, France. The delegation of Rostechnadzor headed by Deputy Chairman Alexey Ferapontov took part in the 42nd meeting of the Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA) of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
The main part of the meeting was dedicated to the strategic discussion of the further CNRA activities after the 2022. Participants gave their proposals for CNRA's vision and mission, as well as provided comments and suggestions for CNRA priorities: both short-term priorities and more permanent issues.
CNRA members also hold the special topic discussion on "Preparation of regulatory bodies for the permanent shutdown of NPP". Regulators from Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and Slovakia gave their presentations, as well as the representative of Canadian "Ontario Power Generations".
At the end of the meeting, participants discussed the current results and new activities of the Committee’s working groups, approved draft reports and task proposals of these groups.

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