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63rd Regular Session of the IAEA General Conference


A Rostechnadzor delegation headed by Deputy Chairman Alexey Ferapontov as part of the delegation of the Russian Federation is taking part in the 63rd IAEA General Conference opened on 16 September 2019 in Austria, Vienna.
On the sidelines of the General Conference, the Rostechnadzor delegation has had bilateral meetings with the heads of the regulatory authorities of Germany, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, Belarus, Vietnam, Hungary and the USA during which the parties exchanged information on issues of common interest and worked out areas of further cooperation. The parties discussed specific actions on technical support in the area of competence building of the regulators from the countries embarking on their nuclear energy programs on the basis of Russian technology.
On the margins of the General Conference A. Aleshin, Chairman of Rostechnadzor signed up the Agreement between Rostechnadzor and the Radiation Protection Authority of the Republic of Zambia on cooperation in the field of nuclear and radiation safety regulation in the peaceful use of atomic energy.
The Rostechnadzor delegation held a meeting with Juan Carlos Lentijo, IAEA Deputy Director General and head of the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security. Mr. Lentijo spoke in praise of the effort Rostechnadzor invested in the work of various IAEA forums and expressed hope that cooperation of Rostechnadzor and the IAEA will actively develop and enhance, while the Russian safety regulation experience, including the support to embarking countries in establishing and promoting their national independent regulatory infrastructure will significantly contribute to strengthening of the Global Nuclear Safety Regime.
Rostechnadzor delegates took part in the opening plenary, plenary session of Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network, IAEA Senior Regulator’s meeting, 3rd meeting of the Russia-Nigeria Joint Coordination Committee, as well as a meeting of the Multinational Design Evaluation Program Policy Group, which was held on the margins of the conference.
On 20 September Rostechnadzor is participating in the plenary session of the Regulatory Cooperation Forum (RCF) and RCF Steering Committee.
The IAEA General Conference concludes on 20 September.

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