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Annual meeting with Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority took place in Rostechnadzor

28.02.2019 An annual meeting with Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) led by Director General Petteri Tiippana took place in Moscow on 26 February 2019. The delegation of Rostechnadzor was headed by Deputy Chairman Alexey Ferapontov.
The parties exchanged on most significant recent events in the activity of Rostechnadzor and STUK and the nuclear industry of Russia and Finland. Rostechnadzor presented information on the experience of supervision over operation of Leningrad NPP 2 unit 1 (VVER-1200), preparation for decommissioning of Leningrad NPP 1 unit 1 (RBMK) and the development status of an implementation design for an on-ground two-unit NPP with reactors «RITM-200». STUK informed on the progress of NPP Hanhikivi-1, the existing requirements to the operations related to the Olkiluoto-3 NPP commissioning, as well as Finnish safety regulations that apply to the manufacture of structures, systems and equipment to be employed at nuclear facilities.
Rostechnadzor and STUK have agreed to further cooperate in the nuclear and radiation safety area and have developed a joint action program for 2019. The program envisages bilateral working meetings and workshops, including technical visits and inspections of nuclear facilities.
Rostechnadzor and STUK collaborate on the basis of the interagency agreement on the cooperation in the area of regulation of safe nuclear energy use for peaceful purposes (signed September 26, 2005 in Vienna).

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