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A delegation of National Nuclear Safety Administration of China (NNSA) visited Rostechnadzor


On 25-26 October 2016, a delegation of National Nuclear Safety Administration of China (NNSA) headed by Guo Chengzhan, NNSA Deputy Administrator attended Rostechnadzor and met a delegation of Rostechnadzor led by Alexey Ferapontov, Deputy Chairman of the Service.

IMG_1746.JPGDuring the visit, a bilateral seminar was held on the following subjects: safety regulation of radioactive waste management, including the regulatory and legal framework and supervision over organizations for radioactive waste management; safety regulation of floating NPPs; structure, functions and powers of regional departments for nuclear and radiation safety; arranging and conducting safety reviews of NPPs with VVER reactors, and emergency response. The seminar concluded in a visit of the Information and Analytical Center of Rostechnadzor by the NNSA delegates.

Also, on 26 October 2016, the parties held a coordination meeting to review the cooperation over the last 2 years and identify primary areas of cooperation of mutual interest, such as: safety culture; safety regulation of NPPs with VVER reactors, including in the service life extension, construction of new units; safety regulation of floating NPPs; safety regulation of the nuclear fuel reprocessing, transportation of radioactive substances, radioactive waste management; supervision of quality assurance in the manufacturing NPP equipment, and emergency preparedness and response.

Under the program of the NNSA visit to Russia for 27 October 2016, a technical visit to FSUE ”Radon” (Moscow region, Sergiev Posad) was scheduled to familiarize the Chinese delegation with the operation of different facilities for reprocessing of intermediate and low level radioactive waste and the system of their longterm isolation.

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