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Rostechnadzor Chairman Addresses 8th China International Forum on Work Safety in Beijing


On 27 September 2016, Chairman of Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rostechnadzor) Alexey Aleshin addressed the 8th China International Forum on Work Safety in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China.

The chairman told about the basic tasks of prevention of emergencies in hazardous production facilities. According to Mr Aleshin, the management of the Service has been focused over the last two years on creating and introducing risk-informed supervision. Its main purpose is to identify the most hazardous facilities in terms of their production processes and, consequently, enhance the related control over them.

The amendments made in the Russian law in 2014 state that all hazardous production facilities are divided into four hazard classes. It allowed a changeover to a static model of risk-informed supervision, when permanent state supervision is provided for the facilities of Hazard Class I, scheduled inspections are performed once during a year for the facilities of Classes I and II, once in a three-year period for Class III, and no scheduled inspections are performed for the facilities of Class IV.

This reform resulted in a 65 percent decrease in the number of industrial safety scheduled inspections as compared with 2013, and allowed us to achieve the lowest accident and fatality rates for the last 20 years.

Mr Aleshin noted that Rostechnadzor is planning to develop a changeover to a dynamic model of supervision on the basis of the currently applied static one. The idea is the following. As soon as a facility is assigned to one of the hazard classes, the inspections to be performed within one specific class will be based on information on frequency of accidents and incidents, on the violations of the binding requirements of the legislation, on the technical condition of the facility, and on the amount of potential damage caused by an accident in each particular facility. Also, according to Mr Aleshin, phased introduction of a system for remote monitoring of the processes in the hazardous production facilities is expected.

Mr Aleshin explained that a software and hardware complex was made by Russian developers for Rostechnadzor. This complex allows real time monitoring of the state of the facilities, on-line assessment of accident risks, prognosis of industrial safety level and a possibility for the operator to take measures to prevent an accident. This information comes via communication channels to the information and analysis centres of Rostechnadzor located both at the headquarters and territorial departments, where it is automatically processed, and the inspectors receive generalized conclusions of the parameters and state of industrial safety in a facility of interest.

As Rostechnadzor chairman further stressed, the system allows receiving all necessary information on-line to judge about the state of safety in a facility and, most importantly, makes a long-term prognosis of probable accidents and incidents on the basis of the information received.

According to Mr Aleshin, the development of risk-informed supervision and introduction of remote forms of control in hazardous production facilities is Rostechnadzor’s priority goal. Among other priorities is continuous enhancement of the industrial safety requirements in line with the latest technology developments.

Mr Aleshin said that Rostechnadzor’s key task in 2016 is to develop a draft Basics of State Policy in the area of industrial safety in the Russian Federation for the period of up to 2025 and beyond.

“This document will set the goal, principles, priority areas, major tasks and tools of the state policy in the area of industrial safety. This policy is one of the areas for strengthening the national security of the Russian Federation in general”, emphasized the chairman.

We remind that the Rostechnadzor delegation is visiting the PRC. Yesterday, 26 September 2016, Rostechnadzor Chairman Alexey Aleshin had a bilateral meeting with Yang Huanning, Director of the State Administration of Work Safety of the People’s Republic of China. The parties discussed the topic of prevention of major industrial accidents in coal mining industry, metallurgy and hazardous facilities of chemical industry.

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