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Rostechnadzor Chairman Meets with Director of China’s State Administration of Work Safety


On 26 September 2016, Chairman of Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rostechnadzor) Alexey Aleshin has a bilateral meeting with Yang Huanning, Director of the State Administration of Work Safety of the People’s Republic of China. The parties discussed the topic of prevention of major industrial accidents in coal mining industry, metallurgy and hazardous facilities of chemical industry.

IMG_9220.jpgAccording to Mr Aleshin, Rostechnadzor highly appreciates the cooperation with the State Administration of Work Safety.

“Over the course of more than a decade, we have had numerous bilateral meetings both in the People’s Republic of China and in the Russian Federation sharing our experience in various areas of industrial safety regulation”, Chairman noted. “In 2015 only, we had three joint meetings in Moscow, and earlier this year we welcomed the delegation of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China headed by Vice Minister Hu Keming. The experience of the People’s Republic of China related to enhancement of the law in the area of work safety is unique. Rostechnadzor is also active in improving the regulatory and legal framework of industrial safety. Our exchanges within bilateral meetings such as this one allow us to receive unique information, I may say, at first hand and apply it in our further activities”.

Mr Aleshin briefly told about the activities of the Service headed by him. The basic mission of Rostechnadzor is improvement of the level of protection of the vital interests of the individual, society and state fr om accidents in hazardous production facilities and their consequences. To accomplish its mission, Rostechnadzor develops regulatory documents setting binding safety requirements, supervises their compliance and reviews applications for licenses authorizing to perform in certain areas. Over the last two years, Rostechnadzor was focused on creation and introduction of risk-informed supervision.

“Of course, we are not going to stop wh ere we are now. We will continue to develop our tools of risk-informed supervision and reduce the number of inspections, continuously improving the level of industrial safety. In particular, we are planning a switch-over from a static model of supervision to a dynamic one,” Mr Aleshin emphasized. “At present, we perform our control and supervisory activities in the facilities only on the basis of their hazard class. We also want to preserve and enhance this mechanism. Within one hazard class, we are going to schedule our inspections proceeding from the information of frequency of accidents and incidents, violations of the binding requirements of the law and technical state of a facility, and also the amount of potential damage caused by an accident in each specific facility”.

Rostechnadzor Chairman also told in detail how the Service introduces remote supervision in Russia.

“I would also like to mention a new initiative taken by Rostechnadzor. The Severnaya coal mine accident, in which 36 human lives were lost, demonstrated the need for strengthening our supervision of the safety of the coal mining facilities and also for improving the legal control in this field. We suppose that a specialized consultative forum for discussions of the latest developments in the regulatory and legal framework of safe coal mining and exchange of information on incidents and investigation results will allow us to make the industry safer”, Mr Aleshin stated.

“At the moment, we are looking into this matter jointly with the other agencies of the Russian Federation. And we hope that we will shortly forward our formal proposal to the People’s Republic of China”, Rostechnadzor Chairman emphasized.

Yang Huanning, in his turn, greeted the Rostechnadzor delegation and supported further strengthening of the relations between his the Russian agency and the State Administration of Work Safety of the People’s Republic of China. He expressed his determination to deepen comprehensive partnership and cooperation in the area of industrial safety.

“As neighbours, we are able to enter into close cooperation. I express my content with the evolution of our relations”, he added.

Tomorrow, 27 September 2016, Alexey Aleshin is expected to address the 8th China International Forum on Work Safety to be held in Beijing.

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