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Rostechnadzor Chairman Signs Memorandum of Cooperation with the Republic of Abkhazia


_MG_3007.jpgChairman of Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rostechnadzor) Alexey Aleshin and Chairman of the State Committee for Standards, Consumer and Technical Supervision of the Republic of Abkhazia (Gosstandart of the Republic of Abkhazia) Erik Rshtuni signed the Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of industrial safety regulation.

According to the document, the agencies will cooperate for the development of regulatory and legal framework in the field of industrial safety regulation, exchange experience in the field of licensing activities and implementation of supervisory and control activities, including preparation and implementation of inspection programmes, as well as other areas of regulatory activities._MG_3019.jpg

The document confirms the parties’ mutual interest in continuing cooperation in the field of industrial safety regulation between the states regarding the need for constant improvement of work methods for supervision of the compliance with the legal requirements in the field of industrial safety, striving for closer cooperation in order to enhance the level of industrial safety and considering the possibility for finding further common approaches of the regulatory bodies in the field of industrial safety regulation. 

The Memorandum will be applicable during 5 years since the time of signing with a possibility of its further extension.

During the meeting the parties discussed prospects of Russian-Abkhazian cooperation in the field of industrial safety. Chairmen Aleshin and Rshtuni discussed issues of further interaction between the two agencies and agreed to share experience in the related areas.

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