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Alexey Ferapontov takes part in 2nd Top Regulators’ Meeting Plus in the Republic of Korea


On November 26, 2014, in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, the 2nd Top Regulators’ Meeting Plus to address issues of safety enhancement in the peaceful use of atomic energy, was opened.

Ферапонтов Корея ноябрь 2014.JPGDeputy Chairman of Rostechnadzor Alexey Ferapontov is taking part in the 2nd TRM Plus meeting.

The meeting’s agenda comprise four topical sessions on the following matters:

- National Emergency Response Guidelines to Protect the Public Against Nuclear Power Plant Accidents;

- Human Resources Development in the Field of Nuclear Safety;

- Safety and Security Interface at Nuclear Facilities;

- Improvement in the Nuclear Safety Culture.

On November, 26, in course of the session titled Safety and Security Interface at Nuclear Facilities, Alexey Ferapontov delivered a presentation dealing with issues of harmonization of measures to ensure nuclear safety and nuclear security.

On November, 27, participants will attend Kori NPP located in the vicinity of the city of Busan.

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