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Alexey Aleshin held a meeting with the IAEA Deputy Director General


The Chairman of Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia (Rostechnadzor), Alexey Aleshin held a meeting with the IAEA Deputy Director General, Denis Flory. The meeting took place in Vienna, Austria, in the course of 58th IAEA General Conference.

“I would like to thank you as you found an opportunity to conduct the IAEA Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) Follow-up Mission in Russia in November 2013 in spite of dense schedule of the missions”, said Aleshin at the beginning of the meeting.

According to him, presently, Rostechnadzor is developing the Action Plan on Implementation of Recommendations and Proposals of the IRRS Follow-up Mission, planned to be approved before the end of this year.

The Chairman of Rostechnadzor told that the Action Programme of Russian Authorities and Organizations Concerned in Implementation of the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety is still being carried out in Russia as a part of Fukushima follow-up activities. By now, more than a half of the actions have been completed, while the rest are in progress, said Aleshin.

“We regularly keep IAEA informed about the implementation status of the Action Programme. We post all the updates in regard of progress of the actions on the official web site of Rostechnadzor”, he added.

Flory, in his turn, expressed his satisfaction with the present level of cooperation between IAEA and Rostechnadzor. He emphasized that the Russian Federation is one of few countries which have developed their Action Programme reflecting the IAEA Action Plan.

58th IAEA General Conference opened on September 22, 2014. Representatives of 159 countries are taking part in the GC. The agenda includes a wide range of issues concerning nuclear safety ensuring and strengthening of the nonproliferation regime, improvement of the IAEA safeguards mechanism, enhancement of protection of nuclear power facilities and radioactive materials.

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