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Delegation of French ASN Visits Rostechnadzor


The delegation of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) headed by its Director General Jean-Christophe Niel visited Rostechnadzor on July 15 and 16, 2014, to take part in joint events within the programme of bilateral cooperation.

IMG_0473.JPGOn July 15, the ASN experts visited the Information and Analytical Centre of Rostechnadzor where observed an emergency drill simulating an accident at the Kola NPP.

On July 16, a Russian-French workshop was held to share information on the actions taken to improve safety of the Russian and French nuclear power plants with the participation of representatives of the operating organizations Concern Rosenergoatom and Électricité de France (EDF). The parties exchanged information on the progress of the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety in Russia and France, and approaches to setting safety margins of the nuclear plants in view of the lessons learnt after the Fukushima-Daiichi accident.IMG_0482.JPG

The Russian-French annual workshops in the 2+2 format have been conducted since 2012. They were a good opportunity for the nuclear safety authorities and operating organizations of Russia and France for a detailed discussion of the methods of performing extra analysis of robustness of the Russian and French nuclear plants against extreme external events of both natural and man-made origin, basic results of reviews of the stress test reports, and implementation of a set of actions to improve safety of the operating nuclear plants in light of the Fukushima-Daiichi accident.

An action programme of bilateral cooperation between Rostechnadzor and ASN for 2014 to 2016 was agreed. The programme includes a number of joint inspections of the operating research nuclear installations and organizations utilizing radiation sources for medical purposes. The experts of Rostechnadzor and ASN have participated in joint inspection as observers since 2012 with two inspections of the nuclear plants and fuel cycle facilities in each of the countries conducted so far. Such a joint effort is viewed as a useful instrument for sharing experience and good practices in the area of supervisory activities in Russia and France.

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