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Scheduled check-up (comprehensive inspection) of Concern Rosenergoatom's Balakovo NPP


The scheduled check-up (comprehensive inspection) of Concern Rosenergoatom's Balakovo NPP took place in a period of July 23 to August 3, 2012. The check-up was conducted in compliance with the order of the chairman of Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service Nikolay Kutin by the Rostechnadzor headquarters commission with involvement of inspection staff of Volga and Don interregional territorial departments for nuclear and radiation safety supervision, and Middle Volga department of Rostechnadzor. Inspectors of the French Safety Authority (ASN) took part in the check-up as observers.

The Rostechnadzor commission checked the compliance with the codes and standards in the field of atomic energy uses; terms and conditions of the licenses authorizing to perform activities in the field of atomic energy uses; nuclear, radiation and technical safety requirements; security requirements of nuclear installations, radiation sources, nuclear material and radioactive substance storage facilities; safety requirements of electric power and hydraulic engineering structures; procedure of information submittal to the unified state system of account and control of nuclear material, radioactive substance and radioactive waste.

In view of the deviations revealed, the NPP management was instructed to eliminate the deviations, and administrative sanctions were applied to the officials in accordance with the Code on Administrative Infringements.

The check-up established that the safety status of the NPP was satisfactory.

The ASN observers concluded that the supervisory practices in the Russian Federation and the French Republic were similar as both countries follow the IAEA safety recommendations. The French party is planning to apply the good practices in the activities of the Rostechnadzor inspectors and Balakovo NPP staff in its supervisory practice.

Comprehensive inspection of Balakovo NPP Report of ASN inspectors

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