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Russian-French workshop (July 11-12, 2012)


On July 11-12, 2012, Rostechnadzor hosted a Russian-French workshop on sharing information about NPP stress tests performed in Russia and France, and reviews of the stress tests reports. The workshop was attended by representatives of Rostechnadzor, ASN, Concern Rosenergoatom, French utility Électricité de France and Atomenergoproekt.

During the workshop, the regulators and utilities gave their presentations and discussed the following main areas of stress tests performed at the French and Russian NPPs: protection from extreme external effects of natural origin (seismic effects, floods, combinations of external effects), preparedness for managing accidents with loss of NPP auxiliaries, preparedness for managing accidents with ultimate heat sink loss, and preparedness for managing severe accidents.

The participants noted that Russia and France apply similar approaches to NPP stress tests and review of the relevant reports.

Besides, they expressed mutual interest in conducting a similar event in 2013 to discuss the implementation of additional regulatory, technical and organizational actions aimed at enhancing the safety of the Russian and French NPPs.

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