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Rostechnadzor took part in the 19th meeting of the WWER Forum in the Czech Republic


In a period of June 27-28, 2012, a Rostechnadzor delegation headed by Chairman Nikolay Kutin took part in the 19th annual meeting of the WWER Regulators Forum held in the Czech Republic.

The managers and experts of the regulatory bodies of Armenia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, India, Slovakia and Ukraine also attended the Forum.

During the session, the participants noted in their speeches the most important and interesting safety related changes in their national regulatory legal frameworks. Also, they shared information about discrepancies occurred at the WWER power plants and changes which took place during the previous year and affected the regulatory activities, spoke about actions that had been taken or were scheduled to enhance the safety of the NPPs and improve the regulatory systems in the light of the Fukushima Daiichi accident in Japan.

In particular, Chairman Kutin delivered information about changes in the law of the Russian Federation in the field of atomic energy uses and nuclear safety regulation, plans on improving the regulatory framework, main outcomes of stress tests of the Russian NPPs, and actions on safety enhancement scheduled and implemented based on those outcomes.

Besides, reports on activities the working groups established within the Forum addressing the issues of probabilistic safety analysis, safety culture, manufacturing quality requirements and safety demonstration of WWER NPP fuel were delivered.

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