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Rostechnadzor delegation's working visit to Australia


In a period of December 12 to 15, 2011, a delegation of Rostechnadzor headed by Deputy Chairman Boris Krasnykh had a number of working meetings in Australia.

In Australia, the Rostechnadzor delegation visited Rio Tinto Coal Australia's Kestrel mine, one of the world's best coal mines, Simtars (the Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station), and Coal Services Pty Limited.

The Rostechnadzor specialists familiarized with the safety regulation system at the Australian coal mines, R&D activities in the area and approaches to training of coal mine staff, inspectors and rescue team members. The Rostechnadzor delegation was informed about activities of various agencies and organizations involved in safety regulation in coal industry and prospective changes in the relevant Australian legal framework.

In addition, the parties exchanged their experience of supervisory activities and information about authorities and rights of the inspectors and their interaction with representatives of the supervised facilities.

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