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Rostechnadzor Attended IAEA International Conference in Ottawa

During April 8 to 12, 2013, a Rostechnadzor delegation headed by Deputy Chairman Valery Bezzubtsev took part in the International Conference on Effective Nuclear Regulatory Systems held in Ottawa, Canada.

Mr. Bezzubtsev addressed the opening plenary session with information on successes achieved following the outcome of the 2009 Capetown International Conference on Effective Nuclear Regulatory Systems and also gave a report titled " Steps to Improve Nuclear Safety Regulation in the Russian Federation: From Fukushima to the Future" within the first and most important topical session "Regulatory Lessons Learnt and Actions Taken".

The Rostechnadzor staff members also took part in a poster report on the issues of enhancement of the Rostechnadzor functional subsystem for control of nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities.

In addition, the Rostechnadzor delegation had bilateral discussions with Commissioner Kenzo Oshima of Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority about the wording of the draft memorandum of cooperation of the two regulatory bodies.