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Rostechnadzor Hosted Russian-Finnish Workshop on IRRS Experience Exchange

As part of the 2013 cooperation programme with Finnish STUK, on May 29, 2013, Rostechnadzor hosted a bilateral workshop to share experience of the IAEA IRRS missions, which took place in Russia in November 2009 and in Finland in October 2012.

The Rostechnadzor representatives shared information on the implementation of the recommendations and suggestions of the Russian IRRS mission, in particular changes to the law concerning the state regulation of nuclear and radiation safety.

In their turn, the STUK staff members made a number of presentations with a detailed description of the process of preparation for and conduct of their IRRS mission, and also the implementation of the resulting recommendations and suggestions. In addition, the Finnish party presented their approach to self-assessment within the modules of regulatory lessons learnt after the Fukushima Daiichi accident and emergency preparedness and response, which would be included in the IRRS follow-up mission in Russia to be conducted in November 2013.