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On February 26, 2014, the UK delegation visited Rostechnadzor

IMG_0416(1).jpgOn February 26, 2014, the UK delegation comprised of representatives of Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and Environment Agency, headed by Mr. John Jenkins, ONR ’s Chief Executive Officer, visited Rostechnadzor.

The delegation was welcomed by Rostechnadzor Chairman Mr. Aleksey Aleshin. In the course of the meeting the Parties exchanged the information on the structure and functions of ONR and Rostechnadzor, and on legal and regulatory frameworks in the field of nuclear energy use in the both countries.

A special emphasis was laid on the licensing aspects, including review of documents justifying safety during construction of new nuclear power units.

The Parties expressed their interest in future bilateral cooperation and agreed to prepare an interagency Memorandum, which would define the exact forms and areas of cooperation between Rostechnadzor and ONR in the field of nuclear and radiation safety regulation in nuclear energy use.