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The first two-day meeting of the VVER Working Group (WG-VVER) was completed on January 22, 2014, in Moscow

IMG_0366.JPGThe group comprises representatives of Rostechnadzor and regulatory bodies of Finland, India and Turkey. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, which performs as Technical Secretariat for the Multinational Design Evaluation Programme (MDEP) under which this design specific working group was established. In addition, representatives of the Russian nuclear industry were invited to participate on the first day of the meeting. They took part in discussion of technical differences of reactor design in the WG-VVER member countries and reported on the aspects of the VVER TOI design.IMG_0385.JPG

The participants also discussed organizational issues within WG-VVER, including a plan of activities, and agreed on two technical areas for consideration in the WG-VVER subgroups – severe accidents and safety systems.

The next WG-VVER meeting is to take place during June 17 to 19, 2014, in Paris, France.