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The Ordinance of the Government of the Russian Federation  dated april 3, 2020, no. 438 "Concerning the specifics of implementation of state control (supervision) and municipal control in 2020, and concerning amending Paragraph 7 of the rules for the preparation by the state control (supervision) bodies and municipal control bodies of annual plans of scheduled inspections of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs"

Rostechnadzor Elucidates Implementation of Government of the Russian Federation Ordinance No. 438 of 03.04.2020

Ordinance of the Government of the Russian Federation dated april 22, 2020, no. 557 «Concerning amending of certain acts of the Government of the Russian federation with regard to establishing specifics of implementation of control-supervisory and authorizing activities in 2020»

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of April 28, 2020 No. 294 “Concerning the Extension of Measures to Ensure the Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-being of the Population in the Russian Federation Due to the Spread of the New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)”

Rostechnadzor Resumes 20 Types of Public Services

Additional clarifications on the implementation of the Ordinance of the Government of the Russian Federation of 03.04.2020, No. 440 “Concerning Extension of Permits and Other Specifics Regarding Permitting Activities in 2020

Suspension of Acceptance of Application Documents Extended

Ordinance of The Government Of The Russian Federation «Concerning adoption of the rules of conduct binding on citizens and organizations when introducng the regime of high alert or emergency» dated april 2, 2020, № 417

Rostechnadzor recommendations concerning measures to ensure safety of NPPs

Temporary Methodological Recommendations to ensure the protection of critically important facilities in the context of the spread of coronavirus infection covid-19 (approved by the government commission for prevention and mitigation of emergency situations and fire safety on march 31, 2020)

Concerning Suspension of Inspection Assignments

On the personal reception of citizens

Rostechnadzor Opens Hot Line